We put service, safety and security first for all of our aviation solutions from cargo to charter and passenger service. We pride ourselves on a consistent on-time, on-budget track record, and our lengthy history of repeat business and loyal customers speaks to our customer-first focus.

Charter Service

GAT specializes in charter flights, allowing our customers the freedom to create custom travel arrangements that accommodate specific needs at every point, including last-minute changes when necessary. GAT Charter Service goes to destinations where no regular flights operate, efficiently and effectively delivering cargo and passengers on time, safely and conveniently.

We also offer ground logistics solutions, so customers can enjoy full service from their homes or offices, if desired. 


GAT routinely transports perishables, including fresh food, plants, hatching eggs, seafood, fruit and vegetables, and more. Our temperature-controlled facilities and transportation fleet, overseen by staff experienced in sensitive deliveries, ensures that your perishable cargo arrives at its destination in optimal condition.


Pharmaceuticals, life-saving medical equipment and other healthcare products have specific handling requirements and demand accurate, on-time delivery. GAT specializes in transporting sensitive cargo that requires special attention and careful handling. Our temperature-controlled facilities and transportation fleet ensures an optimal environment for a range of products. delivered and handled according to highest standards. We also ensure that any local legislation of destination countries for import/export or transit is followed, and that all paperwork (i.e. permits, certificates or other documentation, if required) is readily available to provide to customs or other authorities. Finally, we make sure that cargo is packed properly, especially when necessary to meet regulations or other requirements.


GAT has extensive experience delivering to owners a diverse range of live animals, from household pets to poultry and to valuable animals including exotic species and horses. Our highly trained staff ensures that all animals are handled and transported with the utmost respect and regard for their welfare. We follow IATA Live Animals Regulations, giving owners peace of mind that their animals are delivered according to the highest standards, arriving safely, securely and on-time


E- tracking provides detailed, accurate updates about cargo arrival times. To track cargo, simply contact us via email or phone, and we can provide accurate, timely information about the status of a given shipment.


Our customers can reach us anytime, 24/7, using e-tracking via emails and phones. Our E-Services are designed to provide customers with periodic updates about deliveries, including cargos and parcels, providing peace of mind that a delivery is on its way for timely arrival.


Providing air transportation for dangerous goods, including flammable, toxic, corrosive or other hazardous materials demands specialized handling. GAT has significant experience and firsthand knowledge of best practices for the safe transport of dangerous goods. We follow all regulations, including those put forth by the IATA, for the secure handling of dangerous goods in air shipping. This ensures that we never put our passengers, crew, cargo or the environment at risk.

In addition to air freight, we specialize in ground transportation for dangerous goods, including arranging special permits. Our fully certified and trained staff ensures safe, on-time, end-to-end delivery of these sensitive shipments.


GAT implements and ensures the highest security and safety procedures in the transportation of precious, valuable goods, including gold, banknotes, artwork, luxury or vintage cars and jewelry, among others. We also specialize in the delivery of expensive exotic animals. All valuable items are transported with complete discretion and confidentiality, along with our guarantee of a safe, accurate, on-time delivery.


GAT provides quick and efficient solutions for all general freight commodities that do not require any special handling or treatment. Our extensive Network  and experience ensure the shortest transportation time possible, reliable delivery and the safety and security of your shipment.