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Dangerous Goods (DGR)

Providing air transportation for dangerous goods, including flammable, toxic, corrosive or other hazardous materials demands specialized handling. GAT has significant experience and firsthand knowledge of best practices for the safe transport of dangerous goods. We follow all regulations, including those put forth by the IATA, for the secure handling of dangerous goods in air shipping. This ensures that we never put our passengers, crew, cargo or the environment at risk.


E- tracking provides detailed, accurate updates about cargo arrival times. To track cargo, simply contact us via email or phone, and we can provide accurate, timely information about the status of a given shipment. 

Our customers can reach us anytime, 24/7, using e-tracking via emails and phones. Our E-Services are designed to provide customers with periodic updates about deliveries, including cargos and parcels, providing peace of mind that a delivery is on its way for timely arrival.

Live Animal (AVI)

GAT has extensive experience delivering to owners a diverse range of live animals, from household pets to poultry and to valuable animals including exotic species and horses. Our highly trained staff ensures that all animals are handled and transported with the utmost respect and regard for their welfare. We follow IATA Live Animals Regulations, giving owners peace of mind that their animals are delivered according to the highest standards, arriving safely, securely and on-time


From our home base in Libya, we are uniquely situated for transportation and deliveries to Europe, Africa and many other desirable destinations, both domestic and international.


With a team of more than 50 experienced air transport professionals, GAT brings a unique combination of local market knowledge and international aviation expertise to every flight. We are dedicated to the safe, secure, timely delivery of passengers and cargo.


Pharmaceuticals, life-saving medical equipment and other healthcare products have specific handling requirements and demand accurate, on-time delivery….

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